Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Serious Post

This is a new serious post because I did not want the first thing people read when they come to my website to be about... well.. the next post's topic. SO, what could be more serious than the goals I set for myself? (Answer= the goals my employers set for me! yay I'm so funny and would make such a great employee!) ((wow I am such a loser!))

ANYWAY, in my spare time this month I now have three goals:

#1. Finish learning how to drive.

Even though I don't like it and inviting death into my life is a stupid plan... I would do this for a good job.

#2. Finish at least three of the books I have started.

I have started... *drumroll* 17 books. And I got bored of every last one of them, usually within the first 3 chapters. This is because I am intelligent and therefore hypothesize about where these books are going and don't read to the end! Also, because I then spent my time quilting or writing my own book instead, because I am creative.


HAHA noooo that's not it. I'm not gonna pay her until someone pays ME.

#3. (the real one) Find a good time to sell my DRYS shares so I can have "liquid" money to pay Sallie Mae. Current value of those holdings is about $1800, SO ANYTIME NOW. :) Then when I have liquid money I can MOVE to some place where someone will hire me!

And that's all I have as far as lists go. Maybe I'll have more hopes and dreams in future months. OR you can all tell me YOUR hopes and dreams and this can be a fancy interactive blog again!

Thanks for reading and best regards,