Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Food, WHAT?

My friend let me watch his netflix. This was a mistake for two reasons. #1 because I got to see all the movies he likes and now have a crush on him. And #2 I watched Food, Inc.

Now, I tried to stop watching after I saw the part about the chickens... but I figured the worst was over cause we already saw the chickens, right? And then we learned about how all the ingredients you can't pronounce on ingredient labels are probably corn byproducts. Asorbic acid and Xanthan gum and D-glycerine... Yeah all corn! Cool, and fatty. You enjoy your processed food, I'm out. The politics behind corn is a little too ridiculous for me to explain here, but the summary is: D.C. paid people to make wayyyyyy more corn than we needed and then they had to find uses for it. And that is why we are fat.

About 2 minutes later I was looking at something I didn't understand really... And you should click that link to see what I'm talking about.

And if after clicking on that link, you and I are still friends, you can read that I won't ever eat a pig again... or a cow... or a chicken that isn't raised on an organic farm with little happy rainbows. I mean I probably will, but it will be a while. A long while.

I can't even type my normal goodbye because that movie made me feel so sick about going food shopping later.

Wow... so sick. I feel so sick.