Saturday, October 31, 2009

Now That's a Tasty Dumpling!

Firstly, Happy Halloween, or as they say in Kenya, Halloweeni Njema!

Actually, I made that up. They don't have Halloween in Kenya, but if they did, that's how you'd say it in Swahili. ===-* The More Your Know!

ANYWAY... (back in Awkward Town)

Later this weekend I'll be making dumplings. Now this is my last attempt at dumplings because the previous ones have failed miserably. Epic failed. If I fail this weekend I vow to never make dumplings again.

Until I really want dumplings. BUT srsly, it's pissing me off.

I have got the dipping sauce DOWN. Dipping sauce and I are best friends. We love each other. We're getting married. Dipping sauce is: 3 parts Soy sauce, 1 part fish sauce (or sesame oil if you wanna mix it up!), 1 clove garlic, a little bit of fresh ginger, scallions, cilantro, a little rice wine vinegar, and the secret ingredient... a pinch of brown sugar! And if you wanna get spicy, throw in some diced chilies or some chili paste and basil. Oh the combinations are endless and DELICIOUS!

But dumplings and I have issues. (Note for the future: don't use that "I have issues" bit out of context)

My main issue is the dumpling wrapper. I know I could go and get pre-made won-ton wrapper but that just feels like cheating. You don't see Masaharu Morimoto using pre-made won-ton wrappers. I mean even Bobby Flay made his own dough, and he lost a dumpling challenge!

Right. So it's just flour and hot water and some salt. And I've tried different kinds of flour, and different purification levels of water.

My other issue is the filling. My ingredient proportions come out chunky not creamy and smooth. they also fall apart rather than stay together once cooked. If I add more binder, they get eggy.

When I'm cooking, the dumplings ALWAYS stick to the pan and they never brown up properly. I know this is a temperature issue but I have no idea how to fix it. When I turn it down they don't cook, when I turn it up they stick. I've tried in a frying pan, a baking pan and a wok.

So if it doesn't work out this weekend then I will just have to admit the reality that is inevitable... I'm just not Asian.

If I succeed this weekend, expect photos. This will be proof that I am secretly Asian.

For my recipes and other successes and failures in cooking visit my Recipe Stockpile.

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Edited: GREAT SUCCESS!!!! I am officially Asian! Okay, maybe not quite.

For recipe and photos please visit: Recipe Stockpile

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fortune Cookies? idk

I got Chinese food today and my "fortune" cookie said the following:

I have a dream.... Time to go to bed!

WTF is that?! Not a fortune. Possibly meant for a couple who are having a dinner. Oh and the teach yourself Chinese is "butter."

The teach yourself Chinese on the back of the other fortune cookie was "bedroom" - "Wo Shi."

The other fortune is of course:

Golden investment opportunities are arising.

Now at least that's a real fortune!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OceanFreight and DryShips and my $$

So as usual I invested about $1000 into a company (OCNF) that I thought had extreme growth potential just to watch it drop 6% the very next day. (See ANX, which then recovered and I missed out on 100% gains)

But we have to remember what happened when that happened with DRYS: I made 41% a week later. So... I just have to hold and hope for the best and not let the stress give me a heart attack before it pays out.

And I'm investing in shipping companies because? Well, it gives me a chance to learn about the ocean, which I will need when I join the Navy. I know, you don't have to say it: Pathetic.

In other news I'm organizing the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) vote at the UN this week so I shouldn't even have time to look at the market, but my fancy blackberry makes it possible. Oh crackberry, how I worship thee.

OH ALSO!!! Good news: I've decided that working at the UN, despite it being unpaid, definitely qualifies me as EMPLOYED, so I'm changing this site to "Marginally Employed in My Parents' Attic." Enjoy.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


While working at the UN I have shaken the hands of three U.S. presidents. Clinton, Bush and Obama. Now, it's not surprising that I liked Clinton's the most since he has the most experience. (It's like a hug for your hand).

Bush was a strained handshake accompanied by his telling me he was a "big fan," whatever that means.

Obama was more like "number 2148, number 2149, hello, hello, I love you too," and so on.

Which president do you think would have the best handshake?

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